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Google Sheets Functions List

Sales qualified leads per month

Initial data

  • the list of leads with different scoring for a particular month.


  • to count up how many leads with particular scoring are there.


COUNT cells that are not blank (and not count those ones that containes title)

=COUNTIF(IMPORTRANGE("url","Dec 2021!F:F"), ">=25")

=COUNTIF(IMPORTRANGE("url","Dec 2021!T:T"), "*referral*")


=arrayformula(CountIfs(ImportRange("url","February 2021!f:f"),">24",ImportRange("url","February 2021!o:o"),">0"))

ImportRange("url","February 2021!f:f"),">24",
ImportRange("url","February 2021!o:o"),">0",
ImportRange("url","February 2021!t:t"),"*referral*"))

COUNTIFS With OR For Multiple Criteria
ImportRange("url","february 2020!t:t"),"*linkedin*")+COUNTIF(
ImportRange("url","february 2020!t:t"),"*referral*")
=UNIQUE(A2:A16) - copy and paste unique entries from the list with duplicate entries
=COUNTIF(A2:A16, C2) - count the number of unique queries
=QUERY(agregated!A:A,"select * where A contains 'sharepoint'",1)
=IFERROR (VLOOKUP($A$2,$A$2:$B$10,2,0),"Not Found")

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