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Are you looking for a company that understands digital marketing for technology providers inside out? IT marketing companies help information technology companies generate leads in the B2B technology space using content creation, paid social, paid search, SEO, and UX tactics, web development, and overall marketing strategy. They can act both as a supplement in-house marketing team or a standalone marketing department. Some tech marketing agencies exclusively specialize in helping SaaS tech companies, while others focus on promoting Managed Service Providers including Microsoft services partners, etc.


Ironpaper is a full-service IT marketing company based in New York City and Charlotte, NC. The agency provides lead generation, lead nurturing, inside sales, PR, advertising, content marketing, trade-show marketing, multi-channel digital marketing, sales enablement and nurturing, marketing automation, analytics, and design & programming services for IT, software, SaaS, and tech companies.

IT Marketing Company Ironpaper

According to the company, that operates since 2002, their results include:

  • 3000% increase (over a two-year period) in the qualified lead generation with executive-level buyers (CTOs, VPs, Directors, CIOs) for a B2B telecom and internet of things (IoT) solution provider.
  • +622 B2B sales qualified leads (SQLs) were generated across the US, UK, and Brazil markets in a 4-month window for a hospitality and restaurant IT company; 4x sales-ready deals through lead generation and nurturing efforts.
  • 79% increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and SQLs for a client in the B2B Retail IT market.
  • 3x SQLs and customers’ conversions for a B2B SaaS shipping and logistics company.

Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing, a full-service IT marketing firm based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. The company offers a marketing strategy, branding & rebranding, content marketing, search engine optimization, public relations, media buying, trade shows, b2b social media, video & photography, Zapier consulting, web development, and design services for highly technical industries, such as life sciences, software services, document management, and emerging technologies.

IT Marketing Company Altitude Marketing

According to the company, that operates since 2004, their results include:

  • 2x SaaS install base for a hedge accounting software vendor; shifting from referral business (10-years old) to inbound lead generation using a content strategy that increased visibility among finance professionals nationwide (including publications in CFO Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal).
  • double-digit bottom-line growth for an enterprise content management consulting firm; the company got noticed… and got acquired.

Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative is an IT marketing company based in Avon, Ohio. The agency provides content marketing for demand generation (content marketing strategies development, content creation resources augmentation with professional journalists and designers, conversion rate optimization implementation), and marketing automation (lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns) for mid-to-large-sized businesses.

IT Marketing Company Kuno Creative

According to the company, that operates since 2004, their results include:

  • +66% new customer acquisition, +44.72% website leads, +83% marketing to sales qualified leads, +33.54% organic website traffic increased for a workplace management solution. Strategy:  technology buyer personas development (a team of journalists interviewed employees and customers), content strategy (persona-specific long-form blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and guides), email campaigns (to nurture qualified leads), consistent branding (through website design strategy, content and blogging strategies, multimedia production, and graphic design), persona-centric videos. 


Publitek is a B2B tech marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon. The company provides strategic marketing planning, brand strategy and positioning, advertising, email marketing and marketing automation, webinars and events; media and influencer relations, including social media activities, inbound content marketing.

IT Marketing Company Publitek

According to the company, that operates since 1998, their results include:

  • generation of an opportunity pipeline of $5,173,504,170; a click-through rate of .57 percent, compared to an industry average rate of .22 percent; a conversion rate of 2.48 percent, compared to the industry average of 0.96 percent for a global semiconductor company. Strategy: content creation (white papers, application notes, design schematics, technical notes and videos); banner ads in the industry-specific publications; webinars; traffic to microsites (landings); downloading the free content triggered an intelligent dialog to gather qualifying information; every month, these leads received emails with fresh content (track click-throughs and activities on the microsite for each prospect).

Fifty Five and Five

Fifty Five and Five is an IT marketing company based in London, UK. The agency provides value proposition development and delivery, content creation and management, visual identity and brand development, and lead generation campaigns for technology companies.

IT Marketing Company FiftyFiveandFive

According to the company, that operates since 2011, their results include:

  • The growth rate of 17.5%; Microsoft CSP revenue increasing by 300% for a telecom provider. Strategy: a series of in-depth workshops with their team to learn everything there was to know about the company, their processes, and their objectives; creation of a Telecom Cloud Marketing Manifesto (a detailed cloud marketing roadmap with detailed marketing activities that would help their sales and marketing teams achieve their goals and the messages that would be effective in helping reach the appropriate audiences; launching eBook, case studies, blogs and a paid media campaign to encourage business users to upgrade to Office 365.
  • The number of leads is 119.7% higher than was predicted; the bounce rate across the blog pages was decreased from 84.26% down to 52.50% (-31.69%) for an enterprise email management software provider.


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