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Lead Generation Goals for IT Companies

A lead generation goal is the total number of potential customers your marketing team should achieve in a given period since they got the necessary resources. 

To establish a lead generation goal, find out:

  1. How much revenue does your marketing team need to generate? For example, US$ 100.000,00 of revenue during the PERIOD.  
  2. How many clients will be necessary to reach this goal? For example, 5 clients with an average transaction size of US$ 20.000 during the PERIOD.
  3. How many leads will it take to sign this number of contracts? For example, 250 leads during the PERIOD if your lead-to-sale (or lead-to-customer) conversion rate is 2% (5 clients / 0.02 = 250).

In this way, the lead generation goal for your company will be 250 leads that should be achieved untill the set deadline.

What to do if you haven’t achieved your lead generation goals during the reporting period?

First, you need to locate the cause of this problem.

  1. Not enough leads? For example, you got 200 leads instead of 250. The cause is the low visitor-to-lead conversion rate.
  2. Not enough clients? For example, you got 250 leads, but only 4 sales were closed instead of 5 ones. The cause is the low lead-to-sale conversion rate.
  3. Not enough revenue? For example, you got 5 clients, but they brought only US$ 80.000,00. The cause is the low average transaction size.

Second, for each cause you have identified, determine the root cause (Root Cause Analysis).  

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