SEO for IT Companies

B2B buyers start their purchase journey using search engines. SEO is about making your content more visible on the Google search engine results page (SERP). People don’t visit websites they don’t see in search results. Your competitors in the IT niche already have a strong search engine presence. Making sure your content ranks for the high-performing keywords within Google search is the path to follow if you want to overcome your competitors and take out your market share.

Blog on Subdomain vs Subdirectory

If you are an IT company with the blog on a subdomain I recommend you move the blog from the subdomain to the main domain. Especially when you get leads...
FAQ schema example for keyword "b2b portal development services"

How to Implement FAQ Schema

IT companies actively use FAQ Schema to increase the number of clicks from the Google search engine. The key behind the improvement in clicks is a more visible listing in...
Keywords For Software Development Company

Keywords for a Software Development Company

Are you trying to find a ready-to-use list of keywords relating to the services of your software development company to launch a successful PPC or organic search campaign? I’ll help you to...